Elizabeth Martin, Navajo
Executive Director

Liz Martin is a mother of a son with a learning/speech disability, and a longtime advocate for her community. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge from working with federal programs in a school setting. She also currently sits on the school board in her home community.



Kelsey WoodyNavajo
Project Coordinator

Kelsey is Navajo from Gallup, NM, and has gone through the Special Education and IEP processes himself. Most of his experience comes from a background of computer science and technology. He brings to EPICS a wealth of knowledge in programming, hardware, and software, and has gained experience in Special Education, Early Intervention, conference planning, graphic design, and grant writing.



Sacheen BegayNavajo
Training Specialist

Sacheen is Navajo from Albuquerque, NM. As a parent of a child with special needs, she has a background in being an advocate for her son by finding resources in the community that includes disabilities, developmental delays, and special healthcare needs. Sacheen is currently attending the University of New Mexico. In her spare time, she enjoys finding different activities in the community and learning the fundamentals of oil painting with her son, Aaron-JayLin.