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Navajo Translation of the Parent Procedural Safeguards

This project was funded by the New Mexico Public Education Department - Special Education Bureau

  • Dr. Vincent Werito, Ph.D - Navajo (Dine), Translated & Interpreted
  • Alvino Sandoval, Navajo (Dine), Project Coordinator (EPICS)

Parent & Child Rights in Special Education Procedural Safeguards Notice

About Special Education

Procedural Safeguards

Decision Makers under IDEA

Overview of Special Education Process

The Special Education Process

Prior Written Notice of Proposed Action

Action Requiring Parent's Consent

Student Records

Education Evaluation

Evaluation Safeguards

Individual Education Program (IEP)

An IEP Meeting


Protecting Everyone's Right to Safe

Educational Placement

Resolving Differences

The Avenues to Resolve Disputes

Avenue One: Working Directly with District Personnel

Avenue Two: Contacting Available Resources for Help and Support

Avenue Three: Filing a State-Level Complaint or Request for Due Process Hearing

Due Process Hearing

Private Schools

Gifted Students