Board of Directors

Monica Yazzie, Parent, Navajo/Oglala Sioux




Chelsea Calabaza, Parent, Pueblo of Santo Domingo

Vice President



Janice Begay, Parent, Navajo




Carol Kroyer


Carol grew up in Iowa and has a BA degree in Social Services from Mount Mercy College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She worked in Adult Education for about 40 years in Iowa, Baltimore, Maine, and New Mexico. In 2013, Carol joined the Alamo Navajo Head Start, Early Head Start, and FACE programs as the Health and Disabilities Coordinator. She retired in December 2016.



Judito Camacho, Sp. Ed. Coordinator, Asian/Filipino


Alvino Sandoval, Navajo

Mr. Sandoval began his career in the field of early childhood/early intervention when his first nephew was born and diagnosed early with cerebral palsy. Since then, he has made it his personal and professional passion to support, advocates, and educate Native American children and youth with disabilities and their families. He is a strong advocate in ensuring that the family voice is heard and that services are rendered accordingly that result in academic achievement for all children including those at-risk or with disabilities.


Roz Carroll, Navajo



Olga Tenorio, Parent, Pueblo of Santo Domingo



John Rich, Counselor



Barbara Van Valen, Occupational Therapist



Miltina Chee, Occupational Therapist, Navajo